Yanzi did kill many of her opponents with her double knives,But never cut off the head of any enemy!Such a cruel thing,She still can’t do it as a girl,She is a cruel killer,But not a cold-blooded,Ferocious murderer。

The more the swallow listens, the less he loves it,So he also slapped Qin Liang’s foul language,To her“Love-hate”The teacher’s reward。
Chapter three thousand two hundred and one He won’t do anything to me
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Chapter three thousand two hundred and one He won’t do anything to me
“Bold!Dare to say that your master!Go upstairs with me in a while,I want to talk to you alone。”
Qin Liang pretended to scold Yanzi。
“Not going!”
Yanzi immediately answered two words loudly without even thinking about it!She’s not stupid,Of course she wants it;Going upstairs to talk alone is a cover,Qin Liang wants to have sex with her is the real purpose!
“are you going?”
Qin Liang asked Swallow again very imperiously。
“Not going!”
Yanzi answered without timidity,And he deliberately raised his chest when answering
head,Show a heroic spirit that would rather die than surrender。
Meizi was so scared to watch!Why is this?Master and apprentice, is this the rhythm of fighting??Because of what?Didn’t you speak well??Suddenly it became a smoke of gunpowder?
“Don’t pull it down……”
Unexpectedly, Qin Liang was still awe-inspiring one second before,In the next second!Seeing Meizi dumbfounded,It depends on the state of the circle。