Murong Shan exclaimed,Then I can’t help but look at the distance,Liu Xiaoyun, who is hugging Shen Ruoxue, leaning on the bench and sleeping。

“The two girls, Liu Xiaoyun and Yang Shiyun, are simply carved out of the same mold,They are all of the kind who fight for life,The two of them even worked together to save my life。”
That’s it for Shen Ruoxi,I also looked at Liu Xiaoyun gratefully。
“No wonder,She is Shen Ruoxue’s death captain……”
Murong Shan suddenly realized。
“Sister Shanshan……Do you know what I fear most?”
Shen Ruoxi said worriedly。
“What is it?”
Murong Shan asked carefully。
“What worries me most is……I’m afraid one day I see Xiaoxue like this!”
Shen Ruoxi finished,My eyes are red。
Murong Shan felt a little bit in her heart,Subconsciously glanced at Shen Ruoxue……
“do you understand me……”
Shen Ruoxi looked at Murong Shan helplessly。
“Will not……Definitely not!”
Murong Shan reached out and hugged Shen Ruoxi,Distressed to say,Shen Ruoxue’s little angel girl,Don’t say it’s Shen Ruoxi’s sister,Even her,If you see Shen Ruoxue become what Yang Shiyun is now,She will die of distress too……
In the doctor’s office,Qin Liang is asking about Yang Shiyun。
“She is lucky,Although I got five shots,But every shot missed the point,and so,According to the current situation,She shouldn’t have life problems,But too much blood loss,Plus I have experienced this situation several times before,and so……Even if her injury heals,Also requires thorough cultivation。”