“Nephew,You are here。”

Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue hugged Luna immediately,Qin Liang is envious and jealous,This Luna is also a pretty exotic little beauty,That little face,The lordotic figure looks like the kind that will make men suffer from nosebleeds。
“Swallow,How did you get this pretty little apprentice??”
Qin Youqi asked。
“master,I am the one you said about it,Ha ha……”
Yan Zijiao smiled and answered Qin Liang。
“Come come,Three little girls sit down,Obediently listen to Swallows tell us nice stories。”
Qin Liang immediately smiled and said to everyone。“Years ago,I went abroad to perform a top secret mission,Lived in that country for three months,Inadvertently saved a little girl from a group of bad guys,Luna,When I sent her home,Out of gratitude,Left me at her house for a while,That one
Luna sticks to me every day,Want to learn kung fu with me,I accepted her as an apprentice half jokingly,I didn’t expect this girl to be so careful……”
Yanzi said with emotion。
“The day I was rescued by the master,I vowed to be as good as the master,Then save people who are bullied by bad guys like me。”
Luna cut in with a smile。
“Good job!It seems that your master confiscated the wrong apprentice,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang sincerely praised Luna,He appreciates the backbone,Ambitious,Especially girls like Luna,Is even more rare。
“Nowadays,I will officially accept Luna as my apprentice,I didn’t ask the master for instructions in advance,Don’t blame me。”
Yanzi said to Qin Liang embarrassedly。
“It’s okay,You accepted such a good apprentice,Master, I am too happy for you,How can I blame you。”
Qin Liang said so deeply,Master’s shelf is still necessary……“When we decided to come to your country,I started to have a dream in my heart;I hope that God can give me great happiness,So that I can meet my master,But i know hope is too slim……I didn’t expect God to really take care of me this time!Really return my master to me