Big and comfortable,Seeing Shen Xingyue’s face not daring to touch,Xiao Zonghan felt a little unbearable。

Rubbed her big hands on her hair:“be good,You stay here,rest assured,I will protect you from now on。”
Shen Xingyue’s shoulders trembled slightly。
A long while,Then suddenly weeped in a weak voice:“Zong Han,I’m so afraid all this is a dream……”
The slender hand wraps around his waist,Xiao Zonghan’s figure paused,after all,Didn’t push her away。
Dark night。
Shen Xingyue’s face is buried in front of Xiao Zonghan,Rubbing like tears,The tighter the ring……
at this time,An untimely male voice rang:“Mrs. Young is gone。”
Young lady?
Hear this title,Shen Xingyue’s eyes flashed。
And Xiao Zonghan’s attention,But put it on the next three words,“Gone?”Where can she go?
Xiao Zonghan pushed Shen Xingyue away,Stand up,Stride out。
“Zong Han!”The timid female voice sounded,Xiao Zonghan turned around,Seeing Shen Xingyue’s tearful eyes。
“Don’t be afraid,Stay at ease,I will take care of you。”He promised,Take the door and leave。
The door is closed,The smile on the man’s face disappeared suddenly。
Icy night breeze,Blow on Xiao Zonghan。