The trainer is next to guide Liu Xiaoyun。

Liu Xiaoyun agreed,While doing what the trainer said,This is the first time she listens to a stranger like this。
“All right,Now you can let them kiss you,You don’t have to be nervous at all,They now regard you as their good friend,You can relax completely,As if your boyfriend is kissing you。”
The trainer said with a smile。
“I do not have a boyfriend……”
Liu Xiaoyun was embarrassed instantly,Rather embarrassed replied。
“Oh,it does not matter,You are so beautiful,There will be a particularly good boyfriend in the future。”
A strange look flashed on the trainer’s face,It seems strange that this girl who is as beautiful as the little fairy daughter has no boyfriend.,But she immediately rounded up her words。
Liu Xiaoyun knelt down by the pool honestly,She is very close to the water now,You can even clearly see the ground under the pool。
In a blink of an eye,A huge black shadow appeared under the water in front of Liu Xiaoyun,Liu Xiaoyun hasn’t had time to be nervous yet,A killer whale has already jumped out of the water,Liu Xiaoyun widened her eyes subconsciously,She felt her heartbeat stopped!And then just a second later,The killer whale has kissed her little mouth……
Cool,Wet,But very gentle feeling。
Liu Xiaoyun’s heart is turned into!
This is kissed by a fish!And it’s a real kiss!This kind of experience is not something that anyone has the opportunity to have。
“how about it?Xiaoyun。”
Shen Ruoxue asked Liu Xiaoyun with a smile。
“So happy,Curious!”
Liu Xiaoyun finally stopped being afraid,She replied happily……
After Murong Xiaoyao and Xiao Yuer also interacted with the killer whale,Liu Xiaoyun and the four were arranged to wait,Because there will be follow-up performances that require their participation。
“I think I will never forget this feeling。”