“I rely on,This old man is too crazy too?”

“Uncle first look at what team we are?Amateur team!Where are the qualifications to pick and choose?Suspect that our flashing star is the middle one?Is it worth it??”
“Will not eliminate a South China Sea team that is proud and underestimating the enemy,Don’t put other Chinese teams in the eyes?”
Everyone yelled at Fu Bengui who was frozen on this screen。
At this moment,Assistant coach Chen Mo patted the table:“be quiet!be quiet!”
After three consecutive shots,The voice in the conference room gradually subsided。
Everyone looked at the head coach Zhao Kangming。
“Do we all think the opposing coach is overwhelmed??”Zhao Kangming asked everyone a question first。
The players looked at each other,They really think so,But if the head coach asks that,Then I think the answer will not be simple“Yes”。
“We lack understanding of this team,Currently they can only get the video of their last round of the FA Cup elimination of the Nanhai team。I believe many people heard that the Nanhai team was eliminated by an amateur team,Would think that the South China Sea team is proud and underestimating the enemy,Lead to capsize in the gutter……Indeed it is,But this is only half right。”Zhao Kangming again began to show his team the edited and reduced Nanhai team and the winter star city game video。
After watching the 12-minute video,Zhao Kangming asked the players:“Does anyone still think that the South China Sea team just capsized in the gutter??”
No one thinks like that anymore。
Game video edited by the coaching staff,Has a very obvious guiding tendency。They focused on the defensive strategy of Juxing City against the South China Sea in the game.,Let everyone see at a glance。
The players of the South China Sea team will fall into at least two at almost every moment,Surrounded by up to four Dongtai Juxingcheng players。And Dongtai Juxingcheng’s defense is very aggressive,Kick hard,Dare to step down,Quite a“Not afraid to wear shoes when shopping”The momentum。
In the beginning, it was indeed the South China Sea team proudly underestimated the enemy,But it’s not entirely for this reason later。
South China Sea team tries to value the game,But found myself in a quagmire,Can’t get rid of it anymore。Even the more struggling, the deeper the sinking,In the end,Lost the right to breathe。
“We can see from the game video,Although this team is an amateur team,But whether it’s training or competition,Are close to professional teams。Their head coach also has experience in coaching professional teams。They made proper tactics in the match against Nanhai,Implementation in place,Such a team,Tell me that their head coach is now overwhelmed……Honestly,I don’t believe it。”
“But the coach……”Someone raised his hand,Raised my own question,“Why did they do this?Do you want to anger us??”