“I’ll turn around and send you back。”Jiang Fan said。

“That’s great,I want to thank you very much。”Finished,Ding Yi looked at him,Seeing Jiang Fan didn’t turn around,Just laughed,Said:“Why don’t you turn around?”
Jiang Fan said:“Dream!Easy to board and difficult to disembark。”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“I rarely participate in such activities,But Weng Ning and the others like it better than me,One is that they are young,Second, they have energy and enthusiasm,The world is theirs,I’m old。”
“Are you old?”Jiang Fan asked。
“Yes,old。”Ding Yi sighed and said。
“If you are old,Then I will become an old vixen。”
“Haha,you are not,You are young,Didn’t you hear it?,Man forty-one flowers,Woman thirty tofu。”
“Let’s get married soon,While you are not tofu brain yet。”
“Haha。”Ding Yi held out his small fist,About to beat him,Think about him driving,And slippery,Did not dare to hit his limbs。
Jiang Fan said:“Am I wrong??”
“Correct,exactly,My Lord Jiang。”
Jiang Fan laughed too,Asked:“Who is Weng Ning?”