Wang Jiadong seems to expect that it will be his turn next,He stands up,Pick up the cup,Took a look at Gu Zhuo,Said:“Thank you Chief Gu。”Finished,I drank the wine very happily,Then he sat down without waiting for Gu Zhuo。

Attitude towards him,Gu Zhuo is angry and hate,Tears are coming,She blinked her big eyes vigorously,Very boring drunk,Sat down。
Peng Changyi felt the familiar loss and melancholy in Gu Zhuo’s eyes,After all, it’s a battle-tested field,Passed quickly。
in fact,Gu Zhuo deliberately revealed to Fan Wenliang that Secretary Qin was coming to Shenzhen,And told Fan Wenliang that Secretary Qin came for Yupei。The reason why Gu Zhuo said this to Fan Wenliang,It’s because Fan Wenliang went to the province through Gu Zhuo a few days ago,But he did not see Secretary Qin,Secretary Qin went to Beidaihe。this time,People from Kangzhou come to Shenzhen,Fan Wenliang did not tell Gu Zhuo in advance,It was Gu Zhuo told by Director Feng from the Shenzhen office,Said that Jin’an Kangzhou came to an inspection group,One of the inspection items is going to the customs。Gu Zhuo knows,Helped Fan Wenliang,To some extent, it helped Wang Jiadong,Although she left Kangzhou,But she knows everything about Kangzhou。So she called Wang Jiadong last night and wanted to meet,Was rejected by Wang Jiadong。
It’s just that Wang Jiadong didn’t know it,Fan Wenliang couldn’t tell him some things。
Secretary Qin’s face turned red,He excuses himself for being incapable of alcohol,Propose that the dinner is over。
Gu Zhuo didn’t drink less tonight,Her cheeks are red,The big watery eyes look very charming in the light。Peng Changyi found that she always glanced at Wang Jiadong inadvertently,But Wang Jiadong remained unmoved,Don’t give Gu Zhuo a chance to look at each other,Maybe it’s because Secretary Qin was there,Maybe it’s the reason why Peng Changyi can’t understand。
After coming out,Fan Wenliang told Secretary Qin:“Secretary Qin,You have been too tired for a day,Go back to your room and rest,We won’t bother you。”
Secretary Qin obviously doesn’t want them to continue to disturb,Holding their hand and said:“Good,Then please go back,People are getting old,Without tossing,Really tired。”
Secretary Fan shook hands with Gu Zhuo again,Said:“Kotani,Secretary Qin will be taken care of by your goddaughter,See you tomorrow night。”
Gu Zhuo blushed,Brilliant and cute,She smiled,Said:“Secretary Fan,A word。”
The four of them walked out of the hotel entrance,Watching the flourishing and prosperous streets,Wang Jiadong said:“Secretary Fan,If you are tired, go home early to rest,I want to see the night in Shenzhen,Just walk around。”
Fan Wenliang glanced at him,Said:“Ok,Changyi,Take care of minister。”
Peng Changyi nodded quickly,Said:“Don’t worry。”
Seeing Secretary Fan and Secretary Zhao disappearing into the brightly lit street in a taxi,Peng Changyi glanced at Wang Jiadong,He seems to be worried,Gu Zhuo must have disturbed his mind。Thought of here,He looked back at the hotel,Just this unintentional turn around,He saw a familiar figure,Just got off the taxi,In the company of two people,I walked into the hotel limply。Wang Yuan。
Peng Changyi is a little puzzled,Wang Yuan is also in Shenzhen,He glanced at Wang Jiadong,Wang Jiadong is looking away,He didn’t find Wang Yuan。