It seems she can’t get a bad check,Xia Jihan’s tears flow faster。

Mom and dad told her to hung up。
She wiped her tears,Look back,I saw Director Gu sitting on the card slot next to him,Looking at her。
She panicked,Hurriedly shouted:“Ancient game——”
“homesick?”To put it mildly in ancient times。
She nodded,Eyes full of tears again。
Treating employees in ancient times,Is not a hard heart,See Xiaoxia with tears on her face now,Moved,Say:“Why don’t you buy tickets in advance if you are homesick?”
“I……”She just stopped talking。
She had already discussed with Tian Ying,Planning to go home this Spring Festival,But after Tian Ying issued a credit certificate,I can’t care about going home,Let alone decide what train ticket,Divorced,Dare not tell the family,Why is she going home?
I saw her in misery,Understand her situation in ancient times,Just say:“Go to my house tomorrow,My girl Maomao just came back,Teach me to teach her,There is no such thing as a girl。”
Xia Jihan said:“Thank you,Liu Mei asked me to go to her house,She is the only one in her family,Parents are not at home,We can be company。”
In ancient times:“That’s fine,Anyway, this year passed in the blink of an eye,Just go to work,I looked at the duty schedule,Why are you on duty these days?,Is Yu Jie not on duty??”
“Her mother is not healthy,I’m fine,I can save you from being lonely on duty。”Xia Jihan is a little low。
Didn’t say anything in ancient times,Just nodded。
“Ancient game,If i go back home,Does our working relationship work??”Xia Jihan suddenly said。
In ancient times, I didn’t react for a while。Said:“You mean looking for a job?”