“sister,You take a shower cap,Why so long!The water is going to be cold,You come soon!”

Shen Ruoxi glanced at the bathroom again,See nothing found,She murmured:“Did I hear it wrong?”
So go back to the closet,Take out two shower caps,While answering Shen Ruoxue:“OK!I am here!”
Hearing Shen Ruoxi’s footsteps is walking back,Qin Liang’s tense nerves can finally relax,He found himself in a cold sweat,This is something he has never encountered before,Even if the bullets rained before,He has never tried to be as nervous as today!This is more exciting than fighting!
“sister,What did you do just now?I waited for a long time and didn’t see you back。”
“Oh,It’s nothing。There seems to be a sound in the bathroom just now。”
“what?there’s noise?Are there any bad guys??”Shen Ruoxue asked nervously。
“Oh,I just went to see,Did not find anything,I should have heard it wrong。Let’s take a bath!”
I heard Shen Ruoxi say this,Qin Liang knew that Gang Shen Ruoxi didn’t find himself,His heart is alive,Then quietly stretched out his head。
Chapter Thirty One Open mouth,Really like
“sister,Your figure is so good!”Shen Ruoxue’s exclaimed voice came from behind the frosted glass。
“younger sister,Yours is not bad too!”Shen Ruoxi smiled。
“Wow,sister,Your skin is good!”Shen Ruoxue laughed playfully。
“what,OK,Sister, dare to attack me!”Shen Ruoxi was attacked by Shen Ruoxue,Body shakes,Scream with anger,“I want to bully you too!”
Just when Qin Liang’s heart was in his heart,Shen Ruoxi and Shen Ruoxue have stopped playing。