“I feel it,He didn’t pretend to show me,His tone is very sincere,My eyes never dodge,Wandering。”

Murong Shan said with some experience。
“It seems this young master,Really changed。”
Shen Ruoxi thought about it,In her own mind,Recalling the scene after seeing Ling Mofeng again during this period,Sure enough, he feels completely like two people before。
“That’s a good thing,After all, the master is now friends with him,I don’t want to be hostile to him anymore。”
Swallow interrupted。
She is a person with Qin Liang as her center,Everything that Qin Liang does,She will accept it unconditionally,stand by,Coupled with the objective factors of being a professional killer,She rarely cares about other people’s affairs,But since Qin Liang has accepted Ling Mofeng,She doesn’t want to have any conflicts with Ling Mofeng。
“We don’t understand the friendship between men,Just like the friendship between our women, men don’t understand。But I believe Qin Liang,His vision can’t be wrong。”
Shen Ruoxi said confidently。
“I also believe。”
Yanzi immediately expressed his opinion。
“And me,Of course it is believed,Haha。”
Murong Shan smiled after speaking。
“Speaking of,Ling Mofeng is not easy now,After such a big change in life,He can survive,I still admire him。”
Shen Ruoxi said frankly。Actually in her heart,She always feels ashamed of Ling Mofeng,After all, she was mad at Qin Liang,Once took the initiative to show good to Ling Mofeng,Only after Ling Mofeng was beaten by Qin Liang and the others……
“Man,It should be like this,Can’t hit anything。”
Yanzi couldn’t help but say。
In her heart,Men should look like Qin Liang,Responsible is not a real man……
“Yeah,It seems that our sister Yanzi feels pretty good about Ling Mofeng。”