I know I can’t continue to shirk。

Hu Yili finished。
Fang Yu was shocked。
I finally remembered this。
“Is your brother okay?”
Fang Yu asked。
“It’s okay for now,The sorcerer has warned。If I don’t hand you over,Hu Jia,It’s all over!That sorcerer,Really arrogant……Gave us a talisman warning。
And it was printed on our door,Can’t wash it off!”
Hu Yili is depressed。
So arrogant sorcerer,They can’t do anything。
“it is good,I am coming now!”
Finished,Fang Yu hung up。
Drive to Hu’s house。
Come to Hu’s house,Fang Yu took out a talisman。
That text。
Disappeared instantly!
“You won’t come……I’ll let the whole city find you!”
Hu Yili looked at Fang Yu,Frowning,My face is not so good。
“take it easy!”