Leaning forward and raising his hand to fan on the beloved Fang Yourong’s head,Fang Yourong, who is feeling grieving, looks aggrieved at Sheng Zegang’s mother who is not elegant,Why hit him?

Put aside the lady’s mask,But she didn’t want to say more, she couldn’t bear to wave her palms,It is important for young people to have self-esteem,But it will be bad afterwards。
“less‘My house is just’‘My home is full’of,Whether you will break up tomorrow or next year,Not take advantage of,No wink at all,It’s not about signing a lease,For you,Just accept。”Really won’t make money,Do you need her to keep her breath??This kid really knows how to fight。
Fang Yourong, who was beaten innocently, was wronged,How can there be such,How could Auntie destroy his self-esteem by forcing sales like this?。
“Talk nonsense,Hand over all your money。”Since Fang Yourong is so concerned about self-esteem,Then she will fulfill him。
Look at Aunt Sheng Jia swept all his softness as collateral,Fang Yourong, who wants to cry without tears, is fully aware of the nature of capitalist exploitation,Even if he wants to buy a house,It’s impossible to buy all the belongings at home,Who revealed all his details?Looking at Sheng Zegang standing beside the innocent,Fang Yourong,Sheng Zegang’s big mouth,Unreliable guy!
To the mother who forcibly swept the small vault of his house,Sheng Zegang touched his chin and didn’t participate,The real estate certificate and keys that his mother gave Fang Yourong were originally instructed by him,In order to avoid damage to his family’s self-esteem,I planned to borrow my mother’s hand long ago,Transfer the real estate certificate of the additional co-owner to his family Yourong,It’s just that yesterday and Fang Yourong’s joint change of opinion did not have time to inform mother.,It’s too late to stop now,It’s not good to be seen by his family,He really dare not touch his family’s self-esteem at will。
Seeing Fang Yourong’s aggrieved appearance,Sheng Zegang is curious,I pushed his elbow lightly,Low channel:“You stupid,Even if my mother took it over,I can also get it back,A house for nothing,What are you anxious。”
With injustice,Squinting at this guy who counts his mother all day,How does this guy do business,Actually entrusted the purchase of the house to his mother,Oedipus complex,Not a real no-brainer,Fang Yourong said angrily:“I know why you haven’t been out of the palm of your parents so far,You fool!If so,after,Your mother won’t stay in the kitchen again,Instead, he occupied the main house and pointed at us directly!”Upside down,Too bad post。
Looking at Fang Yourong for two seconds,Sheng Zegang clapped his hands and realized it,Damn!He was wrong!The consequence of talking about my mother is to directly give to my own little family the Supreme Emperor, who will always be the master at any time.,In the human world,He missed a move!
Look sideways at Auntie Sheng who is listening next to them,Fang Yourong dumbfounded,He was too careless,Actually say bad things about Auntie Sheng in a small space,It seems that the savings accumulated over the years that have been looted do not want to come back,He’s over。
“This is the pocket money that auntie gave you,Need to save。”Put all the passbook documents on the desktop into the bag,Aunt Sheng Jia who passed this month’s pocket money to Xiaofang with a smile is not kind at all,
Received two tickets,“Aunt……Is this too little?。”Aunt Shengjia handed him not two hundred yuan,But twenty yuan。Is it a coincidence or is it already calculated to take out such a brand new twenty yuan from a lady like her bag??It’s really worth exploring。
“mom,Is this too much。”Sheng Zegang is very dissatisfied,How can he only give him twenty yuan in pocket money?,I’m not sending the store’s second child。
“that’s it,Save if you don’t have enough!”Aunt Shengjia refused to increase pocket money for unfilial bad children who tried to stop their elders at their son’s residence。
Excluding Fang Yourong who applied for additional pocket money,She turned around and greeted Xu Yi who brought tea from the kitchen。