Guan Hao was embarrassed by her,Don’t say,This is the first time he gave flowers to a woman,I heard her ask herself in a suspicious tone,I’m embarrassed,Said:“nonsense,I don’t buy flowers for me, but someone can buy them for me.?”

Talking,Took the suitcase in her hand,Long arm,Just hug her and go out。
Xia Jihan hesitated,I just snuggled up in his arms and walked out。
First155chapter Catch up
Xia Jihan’s worry is not unnecessary,The scene where they embraced and walked out,Seen by two people。So Xia Jihan’s caution is still necessary。
Because she usually lives at the forefront of public opinion in Ducheng,There are many stories happening every day,She is used to other people’s legends,I also know the dangers of these legends,So I pay attention to the life section。Pay more attention with Guan Hao,I never thought I was seen by others。
Wang Ping was the first to see them。
Wang Ping’s wife and daughter returned from a trip to the South,It was a train with Xia Jihan,When he saw the scene where Guan Hao and Xia Jihan hugged and went out,What has been speculated has been thoroughly confirmed。at the same time,His wife saw it too,she says:“That person’s back is a bit like Secretary Guan?”
“impossible,You look wrong,Why is he here?”Wang Ping hurried to pick up the suitcase from his wife,Blocked his wife’s sight。
“Pick up?”The wife said disapprovingly。
“You think he is me?Who uses him to pick up?He just moved his lips,He Lao personally?Simply……”What Wang Ping wants to say next:“Simply mentally retarded”,But the last two words swallowed back,Obviously this is not appropriate for my wife,Can’t tell the person,I can only say this in my heart。When Wang Ping’s wife looks forward,,Guan Hao and Xia Jihan have long been gone。
Because Ducheng and Beijing border on zero distance,Whether people in Ducheng travel by train or plane,Beijing is the beginning and end。natural,In the hustle and bustle、It’s normal to meet acquaintances at Beijing Station,But this probability is quite low,So many people pass by you,Even acquaintances may not find out。That’s why Guan Hao dared to pick her up publicly。
When Guan Hao embraced Xia Jihan and walked towards the parking lot, talking and laughing,Was seen by another person,This person is Luo Ting。
Luo Ting just got out of the car,I wanted to pull the back door,Inadvertently raised his head,I saw Guan Hao walking out hugging a petite woman talking and laughing,She was stunned,My head suddenly went blank,She doesn’t believe her eyes。
This is her mature、steady、Proud ex-husband??Smile,Keep your head down and talk to the woman in your arms,Carrying a suitcase in one hand,Hold the little woman tightly with one hand,Walking in the early morning glow with a nice smile。When do you see him like this“Bend over”、“Corporal Rite”Pass?In Luo Ting’s impression,Guan Hao has never embraced himself in such a public closeness。Of course there is Luo Ting who is reserved and arrogant here,It’s also about Hao’s incomprehensible style。Although Luo Ting is lonely and arrogant,But Guan Hao’s performance is not bad,Calm and polite,Therefore, when this pair of Bi people appear in public, they generally give the impression of being elegant.,Just like。
Luo Ting’s beauty and reserved,To a large extent weakened Guan Hao’s enthusiasm and impulse,Can’t even bear to touch,So it’s normal to have very few intimacy in public。
however,The scene before him has greatly subverted Guan Hao’s image in Luo Ting’s mind.,He is less proud and kinder,Less fierce and more tender。He smiled so happy,Completely lost the calm and seriousness of the past,And gave flowers to that woman。In Luo Ting’s impression,Guan Hao gave her flowers only once,It was given to me when I watched her performance with my dad,Birthday later、Nothing like this for wedding anniversary or something,Because after a year of marriage,Guan Hao transferred to the south。
Look at the woman in my arms,tiny and cute,Gentle and pleasant,The little bird nestled in his broad arms like a human,Face full of happiness and intoxication。
No matter how noble and superior Luo Ting is,,As a woman,She is jealous at this moment,One tall and one short silhouette hugging each other,Deeply stimulated her,Made her feel sad for the first time after the divorce,It also made her know what jealousy is for the first time in her life。