Old Gu smiled,Said:“I know。”

Li Ruming said:“Mayor Peng,I brought you an old friend。”He said,Just flashed to the side,Revealing the man behind。
Peng Changyi quickly got up,Came out from behind the desk,He stretched out his hand at Chu Xiaoqiang from afar。
Peng Changyi smiled,Patted his shoulder and said:“welcome,welcome!Xiaoqiang,Miss me。”
Peng Changyi said:“Yes,Yes,We not only know,And I have done several big things in cooperation with Sanyuan,Haha。”
Peng Changyi is very happy,He knew that Chu Xiaoqiang was coming a few days ago,Have been looking forward to,Just say:“cockroach,Are you officially reporting in today?”
Peng Changyi looked outside,Said:“Are you alone?”
Peng Changyi blinked,Said puzzledly:“You are here alone?The provincial government didn’t send anyone to see you?”
Peng Changyi stared and said:“Hey,What is the attitude of this department?Just let you come alone?They don’t send anyone to send you over?Too disrespectful!”Phone please visit:
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First43chapter Jiang Fan’s inexplicable decision
Xiaoqiang smiled,Said:“Still talking,I don’t even know about job transfer,The sudden transfer order yesterday afternoon,Lao Wu called me over,I know that the job has changed,Do not know why,As long as it involves me,All procedures are simplified,Lao Wu called the provincial government,Asked if someone from the provincial government sent me to take office,As a result, the response of the provincial government is:Someone else will send it,Only he doesn’t,This is the top‘Oral’,Let him go to Langzhu with his blanket!Lao Wu later said,The superior will not send you,I don’t have a routine when I send you to the post,What am i doing?I sent you to relieve your boredom on the road,No other effect,Neither can announce your appointment for the superior,Nor can you affirm your great achievements in front of the police officers in Lang Zhu?Why am i going?I said,Follow the instructions of the superior,It doesn’t matter if no one sends me to office,I just go by myself,that’s it,I came。”
“Haha。”Peng Changyi laughed,Said:“The leaders of this department are too interesting,I have to go to Dou Ting to reason when I go to the provincial capital another day,You don’t send anyone,Is Chu Xiaoqiang not qualified or we are not qualified?”