“That’s right!I can eat the dishes I made by Shen Ruoxi,Is already a great glory,Dare to fault?cut。”

Shen Ruoxi said proudly。
“The one who can get Shen Ruoxi,Can occupy Shen Ruoxi’s body,Isn’t it even more of a glory?”
Qin Liang immediately followed Shen Ruoxi’s words and took a few words。
“Does that need to be said??”
Shen Ruoxi replied shyly and proudly。
“So I am the luckiest person in the world!”
Qin Liang said seriously。
“Don’t you think you are not?”
Shen Ruoxi asked back。
“of course!Do you need to ask??Ha ha,But the catch is;I haven’t got you completely。”
Qin Liang said with regret。
“Isn’t that a matter of time??You will get me completely……”
Shen Ruoxi comforted Qin Liang,She thinks this attitude,I should express it to Qin Liang。This is not a promise or guarantee,But an expression of love,To show Qin Liang his feelings for him。