If Liu Xiaoyun’s little temper comes up,thats right“Bastard”Ok,And she used to be an unreasonable master,Now this crime is getting mixed up,That’s no one,Absolutely by the endless rhythm of playing with your own temperament。

“Then when can you relieve your anger??”
That kid is also different!How can I ask this at this time?“humor”The problem comes,He is no one!
“Hit you half body,Until you pee your pants!”
Liu Xiaoyun is talking,Take advantage of that kid’s distraction,Kicked him in the face again……
On the empty bridge just now,At this moment, there are already a dozen people watching the excitement.,I don’t know where they all came from!Maybe it got out of the ground。
“Don’t fight at night!I called the police!”
There are enthusiastic people trying to stop this unilateral fight。
“Do you look bad?Didn’t you see that it was Shen’s sister who was teaching the hooligan??Call the police?You report to the woolen police!Remember to wear glasses when you go home。”
Another person watching the excitement immediately shouted“Nosy”Said that……
“Oh,It turned out to be the girls from the Shen family,Sorry,I didn’t pay attention just now,Play well,This kind of person should be taught severely!Hit hard,It’s best to fight so that even his mother can’t recognize who he is!hit,Beat to death!”
That person“Enthusiastic people”Completely changed his position in an instant!Standing next to me and shouting。
Shen Ruoxi and Murongshan looked at each other,Dumbfounding……This hit can be played“Cheerleaders”Come,Shen’s sister is really amazing!amazing!
Another ten minutes passed,That kid was beaten up and crying!
But when he cried,Liu Xiaoyun and Li Qiaoer are embarrassed to clean him up,The two of them closed their hands angrily。