Here,Guan Hao solemnly took out two boxes of Cuban cigars from his suitcase。Handed it to cousin,Cousin is the top pick of Cuban Cohiba2003Limited edition cigars worldwide,He couldn’t help taking a breath,Said:“Too extravagant,Tens of thousands of dollars,Turned into a puff of smoke。But i like,freeking love it。”He loves these two packs of cigarettes。In his study there is a small humidor for storing cigars,He carefully put the two boxes of treasures into the humidifier,Said happily:“I’m also Jinwu Cangjiao,Wait for her to mature,Ha ha。”Ask Guan Hao after speaking:“How do you know I still have this hobby,Xiaoxia don’t know,And I hardly smoke cigars at home,I went to the cigar house with my friends to smoke,Even if you want to smoke at home, no more than two,She shouldn’t know?”

46Baby has his own name
in fact,Cousin loves cigars, Xia Jihan really doesn’t know,Of course it was not the news she revealed to Guan Hao,It is completely because of Guan Hao’s comprehensive examination and judgment of successful people。Exactly as my cousin said,He hardly smokes cigars at home,Because of the unique taste of cigars,Just smoke half a stick at home,This kind of smell is difficult to eliminate。This is the cigar museum in major cities、The reason for the quiet rise of cigar clubs。
The gifts I buy for other people are Xia Jihan’s ideas,Only the gift from my cousin made her brains out。Cousin himself is a successful person in the rich side,Everything,He would find it stale to give anything expensive,The gift I gave was so frivolous that he couldn’t repay his friendship。Finally she gave the task to Guan Hao。
Guan Hao is also thinking about what to send his cousin,seriously,Nothing is enough to express his affection for his cousin to take care of his wife and children。Cousin doesn’t have any bad hobbies,Mature and stable,Be gentle and humble,Young widowed,He except drinking with friends is his only hobby,According to his taste, there should be another way of pastime,At this time, he thought of the cigar smoking halls in big cities.。This is a quietly emerging aristocratic way of consumption,Are the hobbies of older and successful people,A few like-minded people get together,Taste playing with cigars,Is a very elegant enjoyment。People who have a calm personality and do not like sports like this kind of leisure way,Sometimes this is a way of socialization or even a means of business communication。
From this he concluded that his cousin should like cigars,Even if he doesn’t like it,These two packs of cigarettes can’t be an exaggeration for him。He let Guan Yao pass the relationship,Bought this limited edition15Cigar in a wooden box,Sure enough, my cousin is an expert,I recognized the identity and grade of Cigarette at a glance。
See my cousin carefully taking care of these two boxes of cigars,Like a sleeping lover,He smiled and encouraged his cousin to say:“Cousin,Have a taste,See how the quality is?”
“Ha ha,No need to taste,Global Limited Edition,The quality is definitely not bad,Besides, you bought it again,It will be genuine,It seems that you couple did bother。”Cousin is very satisfied with the gift he gave。
Guan Hao said again:“You have a taste。”
Li Wei looked at him,Laughed,Speak calmly:“Do you want to see how I smoke a cigar??”
Guan Hao nodded,He did think so。It is said that,The biggest difference between cigars and cigarettes is that cigars have strong“play”Sex,Almost like red wine,A variety of auxiliary supplies are both“play”An important part of sex,It is also the guarantee of enjoying the pure taste,and so,He wants to see his cousin smoking a cigar。
“That can only take a breath,Otherwise, your clothes and hair and even our home will have a smell that cannot be removed。”He stood up,Go to the moisturizer for cigars,Pick up the wooden box you just put in,Put down again,But pick up another box of other brands of cigars,Still talking to himself:“I have to save the cigarette you gave。”
Guan Hao smiled,He said:“Cousin,Just smoke me,See how it tastes?It won’t be a problem to honor you two packs of cigarettes every year。”
“This one……”Obviously the cousin is not willing to smoke,He looked at and said:“You are here long distance,Definitely a little dry,Let her wet slowly and then grind her temper and suck it。”