“I can’t let you go to other cities alone……”

The swallow suddenly said。
Qin Liangda is strange,What type of situation is this?
“Go out by yourself,If we are not here,What to do if I sneak out to pick a pretty girl and come back to sleep with you?”
Swallow suddenly replied with big eyes。
Qin Liang laughed immediately!
“What are you laughing laughing!I am serious。”
Yanzi said dissatisfied。
“You think too much!To pick me is to pick you back to sleep with me,Why do i pick others?This girl was picked up by your sister Shiyun,It has nothing to do with me, okay。”
Qin Liang joked。
He is also drunk!I didn’t expect that the first thing Yanzi thought of was this!Fortunately, he has already discussed with Yang Shiyun,In order to avoid people wanting to be wrong,Said this girl was picked up by Yang Shiyun。
“You still choose Sister Ruoxi to come and sleep with you,Why pick me up。”
Yanzi answered quietly,The look on his face is weird。
“Do not,I have picked your sister Ruoxi back,Then I plan to pick you。I lost you for so long,I should pick you back。”