Qin Liang was the first to approve this method。
I found something quickly,Liu Xiaoyun immediately wanted to take off her military uniform,But in a fully armed state,It’s not easy to undress,At the very least, you have to remove all the equipment on your body.。
Seeing Liu Xiaoyun want to undress,Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun immediately knew what she wanted to do。
“Xiaoyun,No need to,Go and get the fireman’s jacket!”
Qin Liang turned around and shouted to the firemen。
“No need to!”
The commander of the firefighter immediately took off his jacket and handed it to Qin Liang.。
“Fireman’s clothes are thick,Can reduce friction on the ground a bit,So it won’t hurt the child。”
Qin Liang handed the clothes to Liu Xiaoyun,On the one hand, he explained to her。
Liu Xiaoyun moved quickly and made it according to his own ideas“Save people”Tool of,Then he immediately returned to the ground and was ready to act。
The most important key to saving people is time,I can’t delay a minute or a second,This is always the case at any time。
“Key,Now I use a stick to stretch a piece of clothing and rope to you,You follow the steps i said。”
Liu Xiaoyun began to work with Murong Kouyao。
“it is good,I know,Aunt Yun。”
Just like Yang Shiyun’s trust in Liu Xiaoyun,Murong Xiaoyao and all the other Shen’s sisters are also full of trust in Liu Xiaoyun,Especially when it’s critical。
“You spread your clothes on the ground as flatly as possible。”
Liu Xiaoyun started to command。