“I listen to senior’s arrangements。”This girl is very talking。

Jiang Fan thought about it:“Find a companion for Xiao Jiao,Let’s talk about it。”
“Nothing,I am her companion,We often go out together for interviews。”Shi Guangsheng said。
Lin Yan said:“How about I go back and see if Ding Yi has time?”
Jiang Fan’s heart moved,He thought about it,Except for Ding Yi, there is really no suitable candidate,Just nodded。
Half an hour later,Ding Yi came in Jiang Fan’s car。After Lin Yan returned to the unit,Ding Yi and Gaotieyan just came back from the countryside,He told Gao Tieyan that there was a female customer,The mayor said to let Ding Yi go with him,Gao Tieyan didn’t say anything。
Lin Yan explained the reason to Ding Yi in the office,Ding Yi is very happy,Thought,Maybe I have time to go home and have a look?Go back to the dormitory,After changing clothes, I rushed to Lin Yan。
Considering the space in the car can’t fit so many people,Lin Yan said he would not go。Zhu Guoqing said“I want a business class for you。”
Jiang Fan nodded,He also intentionally released Lin Yan and Xiao Xu’s leave,But after thinking of sending away two reporters,Driving by myself and having to be alone with Ding Yi,He was worried that his guarantee to Ding Yi would be invalidated,Just say:“All right,Please trouble Director Zhu for a big car。”
quickly,A brand new Buick business class arrived,Zhu Guoqing’s driver jumped out of the car。Xiao Xu and Zhu Guoqing’s driver exchanged keys,Lin Yan checked the mayor’s car for the last time,Be sure that nothing important is left in the car,Take out the mayor’s briefcase and water glass,Only then can Zhu Guoqing’s driver drive away。
Before heading into the car,Zhu Guoqing gave Shi Guangsheng and Xiao Jiao an envelope。Shi Guangsheng refused。Zhu Guoqing said:“Disrespect,We are waiting to read your masterpiece in the newspaper。”After finishing speaking, he punched Shi Guangsheng with both fists and fists.。
Jiang Fan got on the car,Sitting in the front row,Shi Guangsheng said:“look?”
Jiang Fan said without seeing it:“has nothing to do with me,That is the meaning of Renjia Development Zone。”
Shi Guangsheng smile,Put it in the bag,Ready to board。Xiao Jiao sat in the back row,Shi Guangsheng came up and walked back,Jiang Fan said jokingly:“Sit with me,Let two girls sit together。”
Shi Guangsheng said:“This year,Who doesn’t want to be next to a woman like water, but to be next to a man made of mud?”
Jiang Fan smiled,After Ding Yi came up, he could only sit beside Jiang Fan。