Guan Hao has been in Ducheng for almost a year,Wang He has never seen him entertain friends alone at the government reception center,Instead, other deputies often come and go here,Order dinner,It seems that the relationship between the two people and the secretary is very different。It is clear,This is a pure private party,This is why Wang He didn’t dare to go in for a toast。

Guan Hao sees Wang He coming,Knowing he has been waiting for a long time,Just introduce:“This is my old classmate Tao Li,This is my brother Guan Yao。”
For a long time,Guan Hao’s family and private life have always been a mystery to the people in Ducheng,Guan Hao never reveals his family situation and private life to anyone,More so,Guan Hao is even more mysterious in the eyes of outsiders,Nowadays,Wang He is the only person in Ducheng who saw Guan Hao’s family,Just glanced at Guan Yao,Eyes are locked tightly。I saw this tall、Burly young man,Looks a bit similar to Guan Hao,Zhongzheng、handsome、Handsome,Dress fashion、Elegant,Behind the easygoing smile,There is a kind of domineering that cannot be underestimated,Drank so much wine,Still calm,Good manners,What a pair of dragon and tiger brothers。Look at that short man a bit familiar,I can’t remember where I saw it,Is also full of elegance,Has a hidden style。What kind of person is it?。
Even though they are calm,Keep pace,But after all, I drank so much wine,Wang He kindly suggested staying at the hotel tonight,Open three rooms,Sauna,Hangover。
Guan Hao smiled and refused,Thanks Wang He,The three of them walked out of the hotel door。
“Xiaoyao,Didn’t you bring the driver?”Guan Hao asked。
“To meet your old man,How dare I bring half of my entourage??”Guan Yao told the truth,As long as it is home,He always drives by himself,Lest the two old revolutionaries at home look uncomfortable,Say again,Come to Ducheng by yourself,Inconvenient to bring outsiders。People from their family background,Have a strong sense of self-protection。
Fortunately, Ducheng is not like Beijing,Not like now,Drunk driving is not strictly checked,Besides, it’s already late at night。
Guan Yao walked towards his Mercedes600,Tao Li still got in Guanyao’s car,Guan Hao drove close behind,The two cars drove straight to Tao Li’s house。
Just entered the gate,By the lights of the courtyard,Guan Hao saw that Cherokee,His heart was shocked,Head roared immediately。
in fact,Both Guan Yao and Tao Li want to spend the night in the hotel,Take a bath by the way,Because after all, I drank a lot of wine。Drunk driving is a taboo,But Guan Hao used not to stay overnight in a local hotel,baffling,Have to come here。Of course they have to listen to him。
It’s only about Hao knowing his true motive for coming back here,He is thinking about Xia Jihan,Because he tossed this little woman so hard last night,He doesn’t want her husband to come back today。
But he was so wrong,He saw the scene he didn’t want to see,He shouldn’t be here,How come you are like a brash, ignorant hairy boy?So incredible?He only felt a little pain in his heart,Alcohol flooded my forehead,So dizzy。
They parked the car,The three staggered to the fourth floor。Entered the house,Guan Hao nervously drew all the curtains,And try not to look to the opposite floor,He unbuttoned his shirt,Tipped on the sofa,Closed his eyes in pain。
Tao Li lay straight on the sofa on the other side,Panting,I am still nagging vaguely,Soon there was a slight snoring sound。
Guan Yao is better than them,He staggered into the bathroom,Took a shower,Come out wrapped in a bath towel,Pat your brother’s arm lightly and say:“brother,Wash away,brother。”