“Hello sister,Nice to meet you!”

I confirmed that Yanzi is the one I know“Swallow”,The girl immediately reverently greeted Yanzi again,The tone of speech also became quite polite。
Qin Liang was immediately embarrassed:My dragon soul boss was just teased by this girl,The rhythm that she didn’t see in the slightest,Now my apprentice is here,But it’s a different treatment!The contrast is too big!
“Junior sister,So happy to meet you。”Qiankun Tingshu
Swallow is really happy,As a dragon soul fighter who has also performed various tasks outside,She knows the feeling of suddenly meeting her brothers and sisters outside,Because it’s different from ordinary people,These brothers and sisters,Even if you are a stranger,They can also trust their lives!I can sacrifice everything for you,Life and death。
A very affectionate hug,In an instant, the relationship and distance between the children and sisters were shortened,And the affection between them,Is really affectionate,Without the slightest bit of falsehood。
Between Dragon Soul Warriors,It’s all family relationship,This is the thought that every dragon soul fighter has been taught from the beginning of training,It’s also their cognition melted into their own blood and bone marrow。
Because only they have such thoughts and feelings,They can at any time,Give the other party selfless care and help,Once the opponent is in danger,As“family”Of them,Will spare no effort,Do your best to help and support each other……
Every Dragon Soul Warrior,Can be trusted and entrusted to life by colleagues。
“Sister,I see from tv,There are so many of our sisters here,And they are also the famous Shen family sisters。”
The little junior sister said to Yanzi with a joyful expression。
“Yes,The sisters of the Shen family are the girls of the Rose Legion newly formed by our Dragon Soul,All Shen’s sisters,All here。”
Yanzi couldn’t wait to answer。
“I watched the news,You all went to the scene of the accident where the viaduct collapsed the other day.,There is also a little bit named Murong Xiaoyao who became a hero to save people。”
That girl started to talk。
Qin Liang suddenly had another intuition,He feels like he doesn’t need his own existence anymore……