A few days after New Year’s Day,Peng Changyi received a call from the Municipal Party Committee Office,Ask him to rush to the municipal party committee immediately,Ren Xiaoliang was also notified at the same time。

Ren Xiaoliang looks more excited than Peng Changyi,Full of spring breeze,He was taken aback when Peng Changyi was here too,Then seemed to understand something,They both walked into the small meeting room of the municipal party committee,Not for a while,Fan Wenliang、Di Guihe and Wang Jiadong walked in。
This is a pre-appointment conversation,Peng Changyi is prepared,So I don’t seem to panic at all。before this,Jiang Fan went to Peng Changyi,Said that the municipal party committee has several plans for the Beicheng team,But from these schemes,Ren Xiaoliang is very likely to take over as secretary,There is also the possibility of Peng Changyi taking over as the director,It’s not clear yet,If you have this ambition, you can go to activities。
To talk about men in officialdom,Which is not ambitious?Who doesn’t want to have the power to display their talents、contribute to the society、Realize self-worth?Who don’t want to hug me、Call the wind and call the rain、Prestigious、Where’s Guangzong Yaozu?No ambition,It means standing still,It means going back,It means staring at someone’s promotion。
then,Peng Changyi found Wang Jiadong,Wang Jiadong says:“You kid really dare to think about it,Deputy Secretary just a few days ago,Then I started looking at Shu again?”
Peng Changyi knows,Whenever Wang Jiadong speaks in this tone, it shows that everything has hope,He said with a smile on his face:“If in the past,I really can’t think about it,But now I dare to think。”
“you still need to ask,When you become a petty official, you want to be a bigger official again.。”
Wang Jiadong laughed,Say:“You kid to tell the truth,rest assured,Even if you don’t say,I will fight for you if I have the opportunity。”
Peng Changyi really wants to ask the minister if he can manage the relationship?I swallowed it to my lips,If used,The minister will indicate to him,If not,I’m afraid it would be counterproductive to propose this meaning by myself。
In officialdom,Although some people say it’s dangerous to pin all hopes on one person,It’s like hanging from a tree。but,Sometimes you have to look for a tree,Don’t half-heartedly look for another shade,I’m afraid no one will really push you hard like that。Even if Peng Changyi is in Wangjiadong、Fan Wenliang、Jiang Fan, the tripartite force, is at ease,But he did it very cleverly,And they are all centered on Wang Jiadong,Never abandon Wang Jiadong to find another。
The night before,Peng Changyi received a call from the minister,Let him come home at night。Peng Changyi and Shen Fang went to Minister’s house together,After the minister’s wife saw Shen Fang,He took Shen Fang’s hand and said:“Xiaofang,You have to stop coming for half a year, right?”
Shen Fang said:“Yes,He won’t bring me。”
“After he doesn’t bring you here, come with Nana,I am bored at home by myself,Where’s Nana?”
“At grandma’s house,Haven’t picked up yet。”Shen Fang said with a smile:“If you get bored, let Madoka get married,Give you a grandson。”