Looking at this youthful face and her happy expression when she sees herself,Peng Changyi’s heart moved,Said:“You didn’t eat?”

“How does that work,I will take you to eat。”
“No more,I didn’t eat it at night,Afraid of being hungry at night,I went out to buy instant noodles and prepared。”Talking,Raise the food bag in his hand,Shook at him,Smiled mischievously。
“Why don’t you eat at night?”
Chen Jing smiled,No answer。
“Afraid of fat?”
“Ok,Ha ha。”She smiled embarrassedly。
“you are not fat。”Peng Changyi said,Took her hand,Put it in your own hands,Said:“How many floors do you live?”
Peng Changyi’s words seem to remind Chen Jing,She just said“704”Exclaimed:“day,Let’s patronize and talk,The elevator didn’t go!”
Talking,Withdraw hand,I quickly pressed down my floor number。The elevator just started up。
“Giggle。”Chen Jing glanced at him,Smile and bend over。
Peng Changyi laughed too,I just blocked the door and talked to her,Also forgot to start the elevator。He took her hand,Said:“I’m here1186,Not going back tonight,Is there anyone else in your room??”