The old gu next to him,Called right away120ambulance,It’s very close to the People’s Hospital,It’s night again,The ambulance will arrive in three or four minutes。

Many people gathered at the door,The medical staff put the crimped Ding Yi on the stretcher,Carried into the ambulance,Shu Qing, who was limping, was also carried into the ambulance……
Watching the ambulance gallop away,Old Gu’s legs are boring,He sat down on the cold steps,Cold sweat came out,This thing is too big,He can’t handle it,Trembling, he took the phone out of his pocket,Told Peng Changyi what happened here。
When Peng Changyi received the call,Catch up with the provincial party committee leaders to visit the delegates,He looked at Old Gu’s phone,this late,Knowing that old Gu must be calling,Just retreat to the corridor,After learning what happened at home,His face turned pale,Legs are a little unstable,Heart beating,He was calm for a long time,Just pushed the room on the other side of the corridor,The few rooms here are occupied by Lang Zhu staff,He can’t remember which room Liang Hang lives in,Open a door casually,I saw Liu Gang,Then I saw Liang Hang,Liang Hang and Liu Gang are in the same room。Provincial leaders look to representatives,They can’t move forward,So I can only hide in the room。
Peng Changyi leaned weakly against the door,Chong Liang Hang and Liu Gang beckoned,Liang Hang jumped out of bed,Come to Peng Changyi,Liu Gang followed him。
Peng Changyi’s face is very bad,Liang Hang thought he was sick,Just about to ask,Just listen to Peng Changyi whispering:“Notify the driver,Spare car,Secretary Jiang and I will return to Langzhu immediately,You two follow……”
Hui Langzhu,The opening of the conference,The two secretaries are expected to have a big deal,They dare not come out,Dare not ask,Hurry back to the room and start packing。
Peng Changyi quietly returned to the room,Hiding in a corner not easily seen by provincial leaders,Just staring at Jiang Fan who was chatting and laughing with the leader,Keep drumming in my heart。
Finally hope that the leaders are gone,Peng Changyi said nothing,Just pulled Jiang Fan aside,Whispered:“Let’s go back quickly,Something happened at home……”
The expression on Jiang Fan’s face immediately froze,He looked at Peng Changyi。
Peng Changyi won’t let him ask more,Pull up Jiang Fan and go out,I told him about Xiaoding and Shu Qing while walking。
Listen to Jiang Fan,The legs started to soften……
When the two of them rush back to Langzhu People’s Hospital overnight,Ding Yi and Shu Qing are already lying in different wards,Are undergoing various examinations and treatments。
Shu Qing’s situation is better,Ding Yi is more serious,Not to mention that she has obvious bruises on her body,What is terrible,The lower body saw red,Suddenly the air became tense……