The first to admire,It was Liu Xiaoyun who was lying on the bed and said nothing!

“Brother-in-law,You are great!Little sister admires!”
Shen Ruoxi clasped her hands and fists,Said to Xiao Huahan。“No no no!I admire these six girls in your family!Can beat my old man back,That’s not something ordinary people can do!amazing,So courageous!Although I didn’t see the fighting with my own eyes,But I can imagine,Must be thrilling,Dangerous!

Xiao Huahan said with a smile。
“But not!It scared us all to death!”
Shen Ruoxi said with lingering fears。
“But we also paid a heavy price……”
Qin Liang said bitterly。
“The two girls on the bed were hurt by our old man?”
Xiao Huahan asked in surprise,He only saw Liu Xiaoyun lying on the bed,But I didn’t see who the little beauty lying beside Liu Xiaoyun was……“Xiaoyun was seriously injured,But the old man didn’t mean to hurt her,Six sisters are desperately surrounding the old man,The old man can’t be true,So I can’t stand it anymore,Ended up missing,Hurt Xiaoyun。”
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